Reading “The Dæmons”

Doctor Who’s 1971 occult masterpiece “The Dæmons” seemingly pits science against religion – but who are we meant to think is the winner?
A paper by Michael Spence delivered to the University of Manchester’s 2013 “Religion and Doctor Who” Day Conference.

Other Writing

Links to some great work by other people.

The Gospel According to Game of Thrones

“It is in weakness and vulnerability that Martin reveals the strength and hope of the world.” David Lose explores how the real power in Westeros resides at the margins.

Loathing and Longing in Lovecaft and Lewis

Matt Cardin’s erudite engagement with the pull toward other worlds in the writings of two unlikely conversation partners.

HP Lovecraft and Theosophy

A lively exploration of Lovecraft’s relationship with esoteric religions by Daniel Nexon. The triumph of this article is the sentence: “The mystical energy beings coming through that portal you invoked are going to eat your brains.”

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