Other Worlds is a media project connecting theology with geek culture: films, writing and podcasts that engage deeply with the theological themes raised by our favourite media: Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons, HP Lovecraft, CS Lewis, and whatever else we come up with.

Other Worlds is for you if you’re interested in what fantasy has to say to reality; if you’ve been inspired to adventure by The Lord of the Rings; if Harry Potter changed how you feel about death; and even if you think that Darth Vader is a bit like Jesus.

The materials we produce are intended to spark thought, discussion and debate, so please make a contribution to the comments section.

Who We Are

Michael Spence

Michael is the curator of Other Worlds. In 2006 he put his needlessly detailed knowledge of Doctor Who to use for his undergraduate dissertation on the theology of Doctor Who and discovered that his thoughts about the intersections between geek culture and theology were of interest to some other weirdos too.

Michael says:
“In bringing the Other Worlds project together I am so grateful for the support and encouragement of friends and family and to everyone who was willing to give their time and skills out of goodwill.”

Michael is a Minister in the Methodist Church in Ireland.
Queen’s University, Belfast consider him a relatively qualified theologian.

Jonny Orr

Jonny Orr is a videographer and photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His skill and professionalism behind the camera and in the editing suite give the Other Worlds films an epic quality. Connect with Jonny’s work at

Andrew Matthews

Experimenting with focus and colour, Andrew’s gritty documentary style brings an edge to the Other Worlds films. Follow him on instagram to check out his dynamic photography: instagram.com/skiddo4